Build Error! Due to Quote in Share Text

  1. 2 years ago

    When you use a single quote in the "App Share Text" (I used "Let's play"), website2apk builder no longer generates an APK. Instead you get a very informative "Build Error Occurred" popup. The popup refers to this URL for "proper resolution":
    No mention there that even something simple as a single quote in the App Share Text can fail the build process.
    That page does not allow comments, I can't post a note that a single quote in the App Share Text makes the build process fail.
    Dear website 2 apk builder engineers: can you please fix this error? I'm pretty sure you forgot to escape single quotes somewhere.

  2. admin

    16 Aug 2017 Administrator

    @av01d , Thank you for reporting the issue, we will look into it and try to resolve the issue soon within an update.


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