Package Name with 4 Blocks Problem

  1. 4 years ago

    In package name I get an error I was using but Playstore says it used so I tried bit it fails
    How can we get the package name to work please with out a fail?

  2. admin

    17 Aug 2017 Administrator

    Actually the software allows you to put package name in 3 blocks only.

    If you are in need of updating your app with an app created using website 2 APK, you will need to have keystore of your existing app, you can ask our support to assist you in this regard.

  3. last year

    I have Google play app with 4 blocks in the name. I need to upgrade, plus your app allows only 3 blocks. I have the license of your material application. How to proceed?

  4. admin

    1 Nov 2020 Administrator

    At the moment, it is only possible to have a 3 block package name, we will be extending this feature with upcoming versions.

  5. When will the new update come out already with this alternative?

  6. 10 months ago

    Aren't we going to have a new update?

  7. This post is completing 1 year, no update. If you request support you have to pay, what is this subscription for if everything from support is paid?

  8. admin

    18 Feb 2021 Administrator

    We have free support, we don't ask you to pay for any kind of support.

  9. In August 2021 my license completes 1 year, so far we have had no update. I had to exchange the computer for a new one, requested the deactivation of the Material + license for a new computer, i was charged the amount of $10, so is not application support? I had a problem with application name with 4 lines, which is the same of this post, I requested, this completing almost a year, so far nothing solution. What does support really include for such a license?

  10. admin

    19 Feb 2021 Administrator

    Actually it is not a real issue for those creating new apps. Any new app can easily work with 3 block package name. There are many technical issues which may arise in doing so, so we would like to avoid those. It is your specific requirement for some app to get 4 block package name, but not really a feature.


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