Push Notification not sending from Firebase Console

  1. 4 years ago

    Hello to Website2apk team, really appreciate your efforts so far.
    Will like to bring to your notice that push notifications send through firebase console no longer work for my apps.
    Will like to have any feedback on this because it was working perfectly well till few days ago.
    No update, the same apps, the same phones and the same means use for sending the messages.

    Issue has been resolved in update v3.1

  2. admin

    24 Aug 2017 Administrator

    Dear User,
    We also have noticed the same issue. However, we also noticed there were some changes in google-services.json if we download it again. We tried to create the same app again using new google-services.json file and it worked perfectly. You can try your hands for this things.

    As logically you might understand, the app is compiled, it was sending notifications previously, we do not control the apps, it suddenly stopped working. It is an issue arising through Firebase Panel itself, we have put our efforts in order to get it easy for all of our users. We're not asking for excuses, as it works fine if you try to create a new app with the same software.

    Hope, you understand us. Assure you all of our best services and efforts to make it much more better.

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  5. admin

    5 Dec 2017 Administrator Answer

    Issue has been resolved in update v3.1


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