Text in Welcome Splash Screen

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi! what about text in the welcome splash screen not only picture?

  2. admin

    18 Sep 2017 Administrator

    Yes, we can possibly allow to put HTML on Splash Screen, but it might not be suitable for most of the users as compared to PNG Splash Screen.

  3. HI Admin, what size of icon and splashchreen suitable to use?

  4. admin

    21 May 2018 Administrator

    @dev999 , For Icon : 192x192px, For Splash Screen: 1280x720px.

  5. 2 years ago

    Hi admin,
    Please help me, how to change the splash preview. give me the tutorials about "splash preview" change.

  6. admin

    4 Sep 2018 Administrator

    You can change it from as follows:
    Splash Screen (above URL textbox) -> Select "Custom" -> Click "Browse" to choose preferred image.


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