File > New ( Does not clear text in all fields )

  1. 2 years ago


    I completed one app now I went to file > new it prompted me that this would clear all fields but when I clicked OK the fields did not clear and the old project text was still as it is.


  2. admin

    5 Oct 2017 Administrator

    @lifeisliberty , Can you please tell us exact field names.

  3. Hello,

    I have attached the gif image I recorded of the issue.
    Non of the field names were cleared when I clicked on new project after pressing OK.


    Package name, version, about text are a few to name.


  4. admin

    5 Oct 2017 Administrator

    @lifeisliberty , Yes, actually we cleared some main fields only. Some fields are such that they can be reused by a user and it would be convenient not to empty them. However, we will surely consider your suggestion and revise about the fields.


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