Suggestions for Update v3.1

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    27 Oct 2017 Administrator

    Dear Users,
    We would like to know your suggestions regarding the new update. We have already covered the most of the things suggested to us. However, we will be glad to listen more from you all.

    What we have covered:

    1. Adjust Screen Layout while Typing (So that textbox doesn't hide behind)
    2. New JavaScript APIs : Version Code & Name, Refresh Page, Trigger Menu Button, Print Page
    3. Custom Keystore Signing

    Best Regards

  2. Custom html not static welcome screen

  3. admin

    27 Oct 2017 Administrator

    @Aleskerov , That might not be a feasible way for all of our users. You can implement custom HTML as of now, by using Offline HTML and selecting Splash Duration as '0'. After display of your welcome screens, you can redirect it to your Main URL.

    We want to keep it as simpler as possible.

  4. can we get the keystore files or information for android stdio ? İf this update can fixed the issue, ı want to say thank you for your team.

  5. Plz plz where is a java plugin to use pdf in html, can you implement this plugin?

  6. admin

    30 Oct 2017 Administrator

    @Aleskerov , You can use Google Docs Viewer to display your PDF files within the apps.

  7. Edited 2 years ago by Ravi0121

    Inbuild Downloader and Push notification Javascript API. i really need this two features. Android app is incomplete without this two features.

  8. Edited 2 years ago by amosb

    I wish Ravi0121 suggestion above should be considered.

    I once asked for API to show or hide Admob on selected pages, I wish it was noted then, but am suggesting it again for consideration.

  9. admin

    30 Oct 2017 Administrator

    @Ravi0121 , Thank you for participating in the discussion. Your suggestion is valuable to us.

    If we consider to put an in-built download manager, then users will surely ask for the possibilities of managing downloaded files, deleting file, clear download list and many more.

    Now, that's still not an issue, but it will be like a bloatware for those who don't need it. Most of the users won't need a dedicated download manager. (As per our team's views.) We always wanted to make the software as simpler as it could be. The Android'd default download manager gets the task done for most of the users. Now, we need user's views on it.

  10. admin

    30 Oct 2017 Administrator

    @amosb , There is a great possibility of "API to show or hide AdMob on selected pages". Our team will now check it with Google Play & AdMob Advertising compliance and then decide to go with it.

    Thank you for the valuable suggestion.

  11. preetam

    30 Oct 2017 Suspended

    1. Your software not support adobe robohelp generated html5 files, so please upgrade
    your browser.

    2. Permission of apk offline or online mode optional for developer.

    3. Use some startup app text (pre load title of apk) with some custom animation and

    4. Clear browser history (e.g = -1) optional for developer.

    5. Use database for data protection.

    6. Sharing page, bookmark, save as img (options).

    7. Separate cover page image (landscape and portrait) optional.

    8. Use new admob code.

  12. Edited 2 years ago by Ravi0121

    @admin , Sir in your current software pdf,xls,docx are download fine but image files are downloaded. when user want to download it Image are open in full screen in browser. If you solve this issue then no need of internal downloader.

  13. Hello,

    1. Gif animation or .gif image support in splash screen.
    2. alignment of image used in splash screen as center, left, right, top, bottom to screen.
    3. Progress wheel image supports .png files only it would be great to have .gif animation or.gif file support.
    4. splash screen size be better assigned to screens.
    5. Custom exit message option upon ( confirm on exit ).
    6. Scheduling option for push notifications in pushadmin.

    Apart from this some issue resolutions on previous versions such as that of firebase and google app signing.


  14. Hi admin!
    Tnx for answer but google docs need registration fir using its not good for users of app, think again in my ask plzz. (Where is ready solution in java)

  15. Also web-view as embedded user agent not working in our aps from october, plz find the solution for it

  16. admin

    1 Nov 2017 Administrator

    @Aleskerov , There is a JavaScript based solution, from well-known Mozilla Foundation, it is called pdf.js

    Hope, it might help. Solutions are always there, just for the PDF, we cannot make apps too heavier for all of our users, we are not making a PDF Reader, we need to work in a smarter way.

  17. Ok not about pdf but as i said web-view not working, then i make html with users google authorization its not working, but early its worked

  18. admin

    2 Nov 2017 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by admin

    @Aleskerov Also web-view as embedded user agent not working in our aps from october

    What do you exactly mean. If something not working for you, you can submit a support ticket on Support Center. This discussion has been distracted from its original purpose.

  19. preetam

    2 Nov 2017 Suspended
    Edited 2 years ago by admin


  20. admin

    2 Nov 2017 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by admin

    @preetam & @lifeisliberty , Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

    Scheduling on PushAdmin will be available with the release of next version.

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