HTML5 GeoLocation not work

  1. 3 years ago

    hello everyone

    i create web-app with html 5 geolocation, when i access with chrome in Android it's work. but when i create apk from this tools, it's not work.

    can you fix this? i already check mark enable gps prompt

    nb: i use free version to check work or not, if it work i will buy pro version.

  2. here's the different:
    with chrome mobile:

    with website to apk:

  3. admin

    5 Nov 2017 Administrator

    I cannot see any Location Enabled Icon on your device, did you enabled GPS.?

  4. Hi, could I make website2apk activate the GPS when the apk application starts?

  5. admin

    12 Nov 2017 Administrator

    @SuBc , You should take a look at for "askEnableGPS()" function.

  6. Thank you


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