Google Play Upload 100MB Restriction

  1. 2 years ago

    Hey! A google play block apk more than 100mb, and say that we need second file any size to work with our 100 mb apk, but dumb users like me do not understand how to make and split the parts together.... What about more than 100 mb and second file splitphunctionality in website to apk?

  2. admin

    21 Jan 2017 Administrator

    Hi @vuger , First of all, you are not a Pro User, How can we assist you with a Pro Feature?

  3. Hi! And now i am a PRO user and i need a answer, could you answer?

  4. admin

    12 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Hi @Aleskerov , It is possible on Google Play via APK Expansion Files and the parsed data is stored on the shared storage. For the reason to protect your HTML content and prevent injection, we do not support expansion files.

  5. Thank you!


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