How to implement JavaScript APIs (v3.1)

  1. 3 years ago

    Please tell me how to implement JavaScript APIs (v3.1) for Share App, Rate App on Google Play, Get App Version Name and Print Page. I already visit this link but there is no video tutorial for this. Please reply as soon as possible.

  2. admin

    21 Feb 2018 Administrator

    @smalhotra5 , There are very clear JavaScript codes given for you to integrate. If you know a little bit of JavaScript and using it with HTML, you should not have any troubles in implementing it.

  3. I know its very simple coding but I don't know where this code has to be paste...plz tell me to step by step or send me any tutorial video link.

  4. admin

    21 Feb 2018 Administrator

    @smalhotra5 , Hope, you can find some HTML and JavaScript tutorials on the web.

  5. Please provide me the video link or tell me what I have to search......I mean to say what I have to write in the search box?

  6. Where have I pasted this code?

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  11. I am your existing customer and you don't know how to solve the customer problems...

  12. admin

    24 Feb 2018 Administrator

    @smalhotra5 , Code is very clear, you now need to use it as per your requirement.

    Unfortunately, If you do not know HTML, We do not provide JavaScript and HTML training.

    However, you can reach our support at


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