Opening local PDF and other local files

  1. last year

    I made a real simple html site, just a few test links in jQuery Mobile. There is a PDF document I created for this testing, when I click the link to open the PDF on the Android tablet it crashes and says restarting app. If I open the site before I convert it to APK it launches the PDF perfectly fine.

    Is there something special needed to open local files after its converted to APK? I really want to open PDF files but I've also attempted on .doc and .txt and got the same crashing. This is happening on more than one tablet and different operating systems.

    Current is 7.1.1

  2. admin

    13 Mar 2018 Administrator

    Did you tried to debug your apps:

  3. 7 weeks ago

    Hi LarryM

    Did you find the solution? Can you share?


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