Push notifications with Image and URL using Firebase

  1. last year

    I have been using lot of webview in the past years, Now am using Website 2 APK Pro Plus and am having a really frustrating issue, I need to send Push notifications with image and URL using firebase, Normally if i was able to import the files into Android studio, it would have helped because i would be able to configure custom key data and value for sending images and custom url within the webview.

    Since there is no documentation on this on the website, and since there is no way of importing this app into android store, i would like to ask, what is the configures values for this here on your website because me using it without adding custom image and url to my push notification is making it kinda useless to me and this is making me not being able to engage my users the way i want.

    I dont want to use the push admin, since i already have programming knowledge, you guys should be able to provide me with the custome key values for Push Admin.


  2. admin

    30 Apr 2018 Administrator

    @meetpres , With upcoming versions, you will get APIs to send push notifications directly from your code.

  3. 4 months ago

    Ich kann auch nur Textnachrichten versenden und das ist Mist.

  4. admin

    Jun 6 Administrator

    @comdag Image notifications are available with premium plans including APIs.

  5. 3 months ago

    hello i have a full software i have push notification Image notifications with link in firebase?


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