Check Broadcast Push Status & PushAdmin Api Responses

  1. 2 years ago


    Was going through javascript api for Website2Apk, suprise the stated feature is not added... Was it omitted or currently not available?
    By the way, Happy to see that of 'Check Non Personalized Ads Status'

    First, thanks for adding PushAdmin Api features.
    By the way, why are likely responses to the api not added?

  2. admin

    26 Sep 2018 Administrator

    @amosb , You can see the API Documentation on link below:

    Yes, we will also add responses on this page soon.

  3. Edited 2 years ago by amosb

    Can you please kindly respond to the 'Check Non Personalized Ads Status' aspect of my question?

  4. admin

    27 Sep 2018 Administrator

    @amosb , Kindly check "Website2APK.disableNpa();" & "Website2APK.enableNpa();" on below page:

  5. Sorry for the mix up, was trying to ask for how to check 'Broadcast Push Status'.

    The api only allowed for subscribe and unsubscribe unlike the Personalized Ads api that has the 3

  6. admin

    27 Sep 2018 Administrator

    @amosb , Got it now. Yes, there is a possibility of adding such a feature and it should have been there. We will be adding it with an upcoming release.


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