Meaning of each option at the UI and samples on how to use it

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    This is my first time using this software to compile HTML into APK, thus, I'm still wondering what is the meaning of each option at the UI of the Website2APK software. For example, I'm discovering that the button: Customize App Permissions is there just in case you need to point out that you will be using such permissions (BTW, these are not saved with your project), but... how to use them from your code? That is still unknown for me. The same happens with the Extras option to the right *(v3.2). Some are intuitive, but some are completely weird on their use, like the Allow File Access or Long Clickable. Am I the only newbie here? The same happens with the Splash Screen. How can I control the position of it on the screen. It resizes while vertical, but aligns to right on a tablet, adding a dark gray background color that I'm not interested to use in my app. Help, please. Because helping us, will help you grow even higher! Thank you in advance!

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    28 Sep 2018 Administrator

    @JOHNNY inside , We will soon add it to the documentation, thank you for your great suggestion.

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    Again... what has happened since 2018? I see no help or documentation yet.

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    11 Oct 2020 Administrator Answer

    Added 3 new pages on the documentation under getting started:

    Links of newly added pages:

  5. Greetings,

    Please is there any way you can update the software that can allow external URLs to return back to an existing page that I was before. Examples I'm on a page in my app reading a content and I want to share that content to facebook after sharing the contents or page it will then give me a broken error that it can not return back to existing page that I should close the app.

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    13 Oct 2020 Administrator

    @Kazzylen We have noted the issue and check on this, we will be making possible fixes with coming versions.

  7. Greetings,

    Can I add sdk to the software, like for example add Mopub sdk to my app during converting to apk with the software, if possible how to add it. Thanks

  8. Please how can I use mopub publisher on website to apk software. Thanks

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    17 Oct 2020 Administrator

    @Kazzylen You cannot use mopub yet.


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