Distorted audio when minimizing the app

  1. last year

    I'm making an application that, apart from other types of content (text, images, etc.), includes an audio player, as well. The player, of course, uses HTML5 and jQuery. It plays Shoutcast and Icecast streams. When my app is visible on the screen, the audio plays fine, however, when I minimize the app or switch to some other application, the audio becomes very distorted and it's very hard to listen without smashing the smartphone on the wall :P Is there any way to fix this issue? Or this is just the way WebViews work?

  2. admin

    27 Nov 2018 Administrator

    It should not behave such, anyways did you tried running it on some another device, maybe it is device specific issue?

  3. I couldn't check it on other devices unfortunately. Maybe the issue occurs on devices with Intel Atom CPUs? I tried changing power saving setings, but no success, the distortion keeps appearing every time I switch to home screen or other app.


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