User Agent Hiding - Hide WebView UA

  1. last year

    V3.3 - Hide WebView User Agent (Allows login with Google and Many more).

    Google disallows authentication with embedded browsers called webviews, so...
    Is v3.3 that OK with google policies?
    because we are going to publish the app on Google Play Store.


  2. admin

    16 Dec 2018 Administrator

    @Jayaprakash , We do not always keep it enabled by default, in case you need it, you can enable.

  3. So it means that you are not sure about the policies?

  4. admin

    17 Dec 2018 Administrator

    @Jayaprakash , We always take care of policy compliance as any change affects all of our users.

  5. That's why I am asking...
    Your previous answer was not straightforward.

    What if I use the option "Hide WebView User Agent" & upload it to Google Play Store?

    Will it safe & comply with policies?

  6. admin

    18 Dec 2018 Administrator

    Yes, It will be safe and policy compliant.

  7. That's pretty straightforward answer,
    thank you very much,
    it would be great if you add any reference, proof or example for that, because I have had a very bitter experience with Google Play! You can send me personally in mail!



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