Embed code from Awesome Table didn't show (Security Policy: Frame Ancestors)

  1. last year

    I opened my html file with Firefox and chrome and it works, but with the website to apk this code only show a progress bar and when it is charged then nothing happens, my embed code example is this:

    <div data-type="AwesomeTableView" data-viewID="-LTxDjm2-mfGouktk-pi"></div>
    <script src="https://awesome-table.com/AwesomeTableInclude.js"></script>

    neither with this iframe code:

    <iframe height="600px" width="100%" style="border:none;" src="https://view-awesome-table.com/-LTxDjm2-mfGouktk-pi/view"></iframe>

    Websitetoapk don't support this? Or what can I do? please I need your help

  2. admin

    18 Dec 2018 Administrator

    You need to check the console logs by debugging to get into the exact error:

  3. -image-

    This is what I found, hope you can tell me what else can I do please.

  4. admin

    18 Dec 2018 Administrator

    You might want to take a look at :

    Also, make sure to enable "Allow Cross Origin" as it seems like you're working with local files.


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