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  1. 7 weeks ago
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    First, I want to commend @ website2apk team for the good work so far and successful 2018, kudos.

    Before the release of vs 3.4 request was made for expected features, I would have love to list some but have already at one time or another asked. All though, some of the requests were considered but a lot left.

    For the record, kindly consider these soonest:

    • api to hide admob banner on some pages: will be useful for hybrid app with login, registration and similar pages
    • more ad base e.g (facebook audience network)
    • api to share url or text on install apps
    • inapp purchase (if possible)
    • full doc on push admin api responses
    • affiliate portal for your services


  2. 6 weeks ago


    Dec 29 Administrator

    @amosb , Thank you for the appreciation, we always want to make it much more better.

    We hope to add most of the things in the next update from what you have above listed.

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