Suggestions & Fixes for Update v2.4

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  2. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by SuBc

    Hi, I know that they are working on the new update, but if they arrive on time these changes would be good to have them, as the ones commented by donceccia, it would be nice to have them.

    Also a browser compatible to use APIs, such as API File and be compatible with reading files from the SD Card, webview is not worth as browser because it is not compatible.

  3. Ich wünsche mir :

    1. Eigene Signatur, eigenen Key einbinden, ganz wichtig
    2. Berechtigungen komplett verwalten. Internet und Netzwerkstatus verbieten, brauche ich nicht.

    I wish :

    1. Own signature, own key embed, very important
    2. Manage permissions completely. Internet and network status, I do not need.
  4. hey admin in your next update can you make this app for website to ios?it would be great

  5. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by SuBc

    Keeping obsolete versions of Java in the system may pose a security risk.


  6. admin

    20 Apr 2017 Administrator

    @SuBc , Thank you for posting the link and encouraging the users to keep up to date with the latest editions of Java.

  7. Yes, to keep us informed of the latest JAVA updates.

    But also, and more importantly, obsolete versions of Java in the system may pose a security risk, so the version 7 of JAVA that is used by web2site is a greater risk than having updated to the latest version , Which, among other things, corrects security breaches.

  8. Hello, I do not know if this correction will arrive in time.

    When the configuration is saved, the path of the error page is not saved, the Icon is not saved, and the Welcome screen is not saved in the configuration file.

  9. admin

    22 Apr 2017 Administrator

    @SuBc , Java 7 is the minimum required version to run the software. You can use the software with Java 8 too. For your information, if a software is built with JDK 8, it can even run with JRE 7 if it is compatible. Same happens in our case, Java 7 comes as a minimum requirement.

  10. Thanks, I thought you could only use version 7 of JAVA, I will uninstall version 7 and use the latest version.

  11. Hello,
    It will be nice a floating share button (Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc.) and push notifications.

  12. Thanks for the update, I have not come to use it, but as soon as I open the application, I have already taken the first disappointment, you tell me that it will be available for other languages, among them Spanish, and it is not.

  13. admin

    30 Apr 2017 Administrator

    @SuBc , We are working hard for the push notification feature for previous days, we will update with multi language soon. We will also require help from you people to translate it to multiple languages, it will be our next step right.


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