Overview Mode has been Discontinued.

  1. last year

    Hi, i have a problem.
    2 years ago I created an app with extrapanel option "Overview mode" and "Use Wideview" activated because some problem of layout (without that option the window appear too large and not fixed to screen).
    Today I downloaded the update of software "website2apk" and that option is disappeared.
    How can I do for simulate that option in other way?
    Thanks a lot :-)

  2. admin

    24 Feb 2019 Administrator
    Edited last year by admin

    We have provided an option for Desktop Mode instead of Overview mode and WideView Mode both.

    Overview mode option is no more available, it is removed with version v3.3.1 .

  3. Hi admin,
    I tried that option (I trasformed the app with all previuos options and I replaced "Overview" and "wideview" with "Desktop mode" as you said) but unfortuately problem is not solved... The layout start zoomed-in on every pages.
    Any idea?
    Very probably this is last update of my app and I cannot launch it with that boring problem :-P
    Is there another way?
    (Pheraps if I send you Html - "single plan buyed" - you can solve this (with code of previous version of "Website2apk" or something similar?)
    Thanks a lot for patience and sorry for my bad english :-)

  4. admin

    25 Feb 2019 Administrator

    We will restore those options if our users would like to see them again.

    However, our support can assist you better in this regard.

  5. Ok. Thanks a lot
    I send a mail to support :-)


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