Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'

  1. 10 months ago

    Build APK error could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'....Please Help

  2. admin

    4 Aug 2019 Administrator

    Can you please post a screenshot?

  3. Have it reinstalled and in the moment the error is gone

  4. -image-

  5. admin

    7 Aug 2019 Administrator

    @Comdag.Andreas We would be better able to fix it if you can also tell us steps to replicate the issue.

  6. Edited 10 months ago by Comdag.Andreas

    I would like to do but it comes only spontaneously without reason.
    It is always the same offline html project.
    I am now at Version10.
    Only texts within the html were changed.
    When I deinstall 3.4 and also the data in AppData
      (Goyal_Softech_Pvt._Ltd) delete it works again.
    I also have Android Studio and Visual Studio on my computer.

  7. 4 months ago
    Edited 4 months ago by JOHNNY inside

    Ouch! I was having the very same problem with the so-called openFileDialog4 popup on v3.4.

    Guess what!? I used a png file for a customized progress wheel and when the Website2APK Builder loaded the project, I had to reload the progress wheel file (Thanks, God I found the problem!).

    I am still suggesting the team to pay attention to all the saved and loaded data from projects. I had some issues with the Customize App Permission feature, checking every item when the project was reloaded.

    PS: I cannot change my profile picture on this forum.

  8. Not only that.
    If you work with several projects in different directories, the settings are loaded but no key and push, icon and splash screen are displayed but the error occurs again when creating. Open file dialog.
    You have to re-read all data for each project.
    That is a BUG


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