Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'

  1. 5 months ago

    Build APK error could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'....Please Help

  2. admin

    Aug 4 Administrator

    Can you please post a screenshot?

  3. Have it reinstalled and in the moment the error is gone

  4. -image-

  5. admin

    Aug 7 Administrator

    @Comdag.Andreas We would be better able to fix it if you can also tell us steps to replicate the issue.

  6. Edited 5 months ago by Comdag.Andreas

    I would like to do but it comes only spontaneously without reason.
    It is always the same offline html project.
    I am now at Version10.
    Only texts within the html were changed.
    When I deinstall 3.4 and also the data in AppData
      (Goyal_Softech_Pvt._Ltd) delete it works again.
    I also have Android Studio and Visual Studio on my computer.


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