Vulnerable JavaScript Library jquery SNYK-JS-JQUERY

  1. 3 weeks ago

    good afternoon admin
    I have a problem with the application, do you know anything like this please explain

    Security notification

    Your application contains one or more libraries that have general security issues. Please see this Google Help Center article for details.

    Vulnerable JavaScript library:

    Version Name Known issue File identified
    jquery 2.2.4 SNYK-npm: jquery: 20150627
    SNYK-JS-JQUERY-174006 assets / jquery-2.2.4.min.js
    Affects APK version 9.
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  2. Update to the latest jQuery 3.4.1

  3. thank you very much ... my problem has been resolved. after replacing with jquery 3.4.1, but my application display was not what I wanted, it turned out that my jquery mobile theme was not detected
    (display using jquery 1.12.4)
    (display using jquery 3.4.1)

    I use crack software, does it affect the security of the elements that I use

    please enlighten me
    thank you and
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  4. admin

    Oct 23 Administrator

    @firzafadi You may get into legal trouble as well as it is major security concern also, along with that there might be unsafe codes injected in pirated copies.

    We sincerely request you to kindly DO NOT use pirated copies and support our work and development by making a purchase for genuine copy.


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