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    It would be very interesting to add another mobile app advertising platform. It would be possible?

    This tool allows you to convert a web application for android. If the website has Adsense advertising, it is prohibited to activate Admob advertising. It would be interesting in this case to be able to activate ads from another advertising network, for me the best one is Startapp

    It is very easy to download the SDK from

    Would it be possible to choose between Admob and Startapp ads?

  2. admin

    26 Dec 2019 Administrator

    @LuisGarcia We will add this feature probably with upcoming release along with some other ad providers like Facebook.

  3. Edited last year by LuisGarcia

    Thank you!

    StartApp ads are very easy to activate for the Android developer. Instead, Facebook ads are very complicated to activate

    That is my experience with the 2 ad networks. That's why I prefer StartApp!

    You can download the Android SDK for free from here:


  4. When will the new version be ready to choose between the Admob and StartApp advertising network?

    I cannot put Admob advertising on my app if I already have Adsense advertising on my website. Google prohibits having these 2 ad networks at once!

    It is necessary to solve this quickly and give the opportunity to advertise another network such as StartApp


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