There's a trojan in my apk?

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    I created an apk in the Website 2 Apk program. But when I tried to send to a friend, the android's system doesn't gived permission to send. I've tried to send by e-mail, but the Gmail says "Virus Detected". So I scan the apk by antivirus and didn't found nothing. But when I send the apk to VirusTotal, the Cyren detected AndroidOS/Trojan.UDGQ-4. Well, I need explanation about this.

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    Jan 31 Administrator

    This is just a case of false positive, you can report it to certain AV-team to get it whitelisted. Further, we will be releasing a software update asap to overcome this issue.

  3. I also have the same problem
    there is no use in communicating this to Cyren and Trustlook an other.

    You would have to store the APK on your own homepage and give the AV companies a download link.

    A publication with google drive does not work, mailing does not work ... everywhere virus alarm!

    With luck, your APK will be scanned by the AV manufacturers and removed from the list.

    With the next APK you have the same problem again !!!

    I have already massively denounced this and there should be an update.

    Now it is really time for an update !!!

    Publication in the store works but you cannot release or send the app for a private download

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    We sincerely apologize and regret the inconvenience caused. We assure you there would be soon an update.


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