AUDIO and DIRECT LINKS dont work..!!

  1. last year

    first of all extremely nice app maker...
    2nd i want to provide you with two bugs..
    first one: Direct link for ex, googledrive direct link or anything ending with .exe whichever starts downloading LINK...when it is clicked then i get a error of default error page and try again button..

    second one: i cannot play in the when i click .mp3 it plays..but like radio link..doesnt orignal phone browser it plays but not in the doesnt play i tried different softwares..they use good useragent i guess which makes the audio play..
    i searched so much about this online didnt found anything..
    BUT WHEN CLICKING THE .MP3 / .MP4 it plays!!! but not when the link is given css/javascript and converted that link into fancy push to play stuff..
    here's the website..this plays on browser but not on app..


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