Update v4.0 Material+ is now available to Download.

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    6 May 2020 Administrator
    Edited 11 months ago by admin

    Announcing a new release v4.0 Pro.

    Changelog (Added Features) in v4.0 Pro
    Material Design
    Change Material Color Scheme
    Navigation Drawer Designer
    Live Toolbar Title
    Material Toolbar
    Wix Support (Fixed Layout Issue)
    keepScreenOn(Boolean) JS API
    **Bug Fixes


  2. I installed the new version of the program gives this error when opening
    I tried on two different computers

  3. Same here:

    Error Occured and then it closed.

  4. I am a little disappointed with the new version:

    • No new ad networks are included
    • The price of the PRO version is 50% higher
  5. new version can't open after install, it shows error https://prnt.sc/sbtp86

    i was also expecting facebook Ads network.

  6. admin

    6 May 2020 Administrator

    Can anyone cooperate us in facebook direct messaging and remote adminstration in getting the issue resolved. Many of users got it successfully working, some of you are complaining the issue.

  7. Edited 11 months ago by Comdag.Andreas

    V4 material does not work
    No keys are accepted.
    Error message:
    Key alias or password incorrect
    Apps cannot be created.
    Something is supposed to be wrong
    Called support website and did everything there is.
    V4 doesn't work at all
    Reinstallation didn't work either.
    Old V3.4 reinstalled and everything works again

  8. admin

    6 May 2020 Administrator

    @Comdag.Andreas Can you please connect us on https://www.facebook.com/Website2APK by sending message, we would like to cooperate and provide a fix asap.

  9. admin

    6 May 2020 Administrator

    @Comdag.Andreas Keystore issue has been fixed, download an updated program from the download page. Thanks for your quick suggestion. :)

  10. admin

    6 May 2020 Administrator

    Due to an uncertain rollback, it was our mistake, it caused a horrific condition with this update, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    After many smaller updates, we hope this build is working much better for everyone without issues.

  11. Why was the article deleted? You are an inappropriate company

  12. admin

    6 May 2020 Administrator

    @islam We would like to sincerely request you to raise a support ticket : https://websitetoapk.com/support/submit_ticket

    We would be glad to assist you on the issue.

  13. admin

    7 May 2020 Administrator

    Update: Users of free edition complaining "Error Occurred" while clicking "Generate APK" has also been fixed.

  14. Edited 11 months ago by TFH

    The new version seems to work fine now. That's the positive part.

    The fact that the new basic functions will cost me another USR 59,- a year makes me decide that this was a one time purchase. C'mon... A PRO version with "access to the BASICS"??? Pro <-> Basic? You see the problem here?
    Bought my yearly license last month, but that will be my only purschase from you guys. Sorry...

  15. The PRO version was priced at 40$, the price is 59 $ now and here is nothing new!.

    Material Design it's free in https://material.io and you can design your HTML5 website following these guidelines.

  16. Edited 11 months ago by jfk80

    So any News here?

    I paid and can´t use it, good work.

    I even can´t start the programm.
    Still get Error Occured

  17. admin

    7 May 2020 Administrator

    @jfk80 Did you updated to latest version of installer?

    Raise a support ticket: https://websitetoapk.com/support/submit_ticket

  18. Deleted 11 months ago by Comdag.Andreas
  19. Saving the * .webapp in the Lan no longer works, crash and * .webapp is gone.
    Something also doesn't seem to be right with the Min SDK version.
    A check with the APK editor shows min SDK 1.5 although 14 is entered in the androidmanifest.xml as min SDK.

    SSK 14 is much too old, why didn't you set that to 19 right away?

    Devices with Android 4 are far too old to display modern HTML pages or games
    With v.3.4 everything works as usual

  20. admin

    7 May 2020 Administrator

    @Comdag.Andreas We always work towards making it better and available to more and more users.The real min-sdk-version is set to 14 in the apps, which does not affect any high end devices, it ensures only lower-end device compatibility.

    Further, as you said about .webapp project, I would like to request you raise a support ticket, we will ensure fixing the same asap within a day if possible, as we did for each of complaint that we received through any channel. We do ask to raise support ticket as it ensures ticket closes after resolving the issue.

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