Can't open and read file image while uploading to folder

  1. 9 months ago

    i can't read file image then this file "don't have permission file". while i have finish upload file.and open file in folder upload. why my my file can't view and read image?

  2. admin

    22 Jun 2020 Administrator

    @hermawan You need to enable file READ WRITE access to be able to use upload function properly.

  3. it doesn't work. i have checklist READ WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE option but while run with APK file then try upload file to folder upload. the file be can't read file "it appears that you don't have permission to view this file". please help

  4. Edited 9 months ago by admin

    i found it for this case. this problem only permission at temp folder "c:\Windows\temp\"...default this folder not access permission...cause while to upload file at application android be can't view file... so iam open it access at this folder and then success view this file. thank you very much...

  5. admin

    22 Jun 2020 Administrator

    @hermawan It seems that you were trying to upload files on the web and not through the app, so this issue does not relate to website2apk. Still, glad to know you found the solution for it.


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