Update v4.1 is now available to download

  1. last week


    Jul 31 Administrator

    As per the latest Google Play policy for API Level 29, we have released a compatible update.

    API Level 29.
    **Bug Fixes

  2. That's great news, when should we expect Google in-app purchases feature?

  3. I have noticed issues with admob , when anabled app can't open it force stopped

    When disabled app works

  4. admin

    Aug 4 Administrator

    @Ubuntu508 Issue has been fixed, you can now re-download the fixed copy.

  5. 12 hours ago

    How to use free version... its asking activation.. what is the use of free version....

  6. 2 hours ago


    2 hours ago Administrator

    @digizpromoz It will ask for activation when you try to use any locked premium features that are blue or red marked which comes only with paid versions.


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