Multiple comlaints: App doesn't start anymore - Fatal Error

  1. 7 months ago

    I am getting multiple complaints that the app doesn't start anymore. A blue screen followed by a fatal error. 1 star reviews after another. Visitors to the underlying site have dropped significantly in the last 24hours. Server has been up all the time.

  2. The situation is pretty bad... Only 2 visit through the app in the last 8 hours, while usually it are 7-8 per hour. Getting 1-star reviews and complaints through e-mail.

  3. Not even a splash screen. After starting the app, this is what you get:

  4. I just found this thread:
    But I have purchased a license. I really hope that this issue isn't caused by your copy-protection!!!

  5. admin

    4 Sep 2020 Administrator

    We apologize for any issues that you are getting.

    You can raise a support ticket as this seems to be your specific issue:

  6. I already did that. Please solve this a.s.a.p. It seems that my app has been down for 24 hours already!
    And it is starting to look like it's your copy-protection that is causing this and this is NOT acceptable.

  7. admin

    4 Sep 2020 Administrator

    We have just replied to your ticket and we request you to continue there.

  8. Yes... You have just told me it's your fault. Great... And my app will stay offline for another few days and I have lost my 5-star rating. This is NOT acceptable in any way!!!

  9. How are you goint to compensate me for this??

    • App down for a few days
    • People will probably have started to remove the app
    • New installs will certainly have been removed
    • My 5 star rating is gone, thanks to you

    You are talking about "a bug" in v4.1 but then there would have been more posts about this here on the forum. Please be honost about what happened and find a decent solution.

  10. admin

    4 Sep 2020 Administrator

    @TFH, We would like you to continue on support. We will help you the best possible way.

  11. Edited 7 months ago by TFH

    You've made your point on the official support quite clearly. YOU guys messed up and that is MY problem. Not willing to take any responsibility.
    I wonder how long this thread will remain visible before you remove it.

  12. admin

    4 Sep 2020 Administrator

    @TFH We do remove only misguiding threads from forums to keep the useful content on top. Sometimes we remove support specific issues.

    But we are always here to help and available in the service of our clients.

    We apologize to you as it troubled you in a genuine case this is a biggest mistake which has already been fixed, we hope you get your update published asap..

  13. Kinda tragic that paying customers get stuffed up by your copy-protection.
    Your "support" is that I have to create a new version of the app and "wait" untill it gets approved and untill people will update their app. All people using the current version will keep getting this "fatal error" untill they update. Yes... that's a fantastic "solution".

    You should take better care of your paying customers...

  14. admin

    4 Sep 2020 Administrator

    We always do what best possible can be done to the service. We agree wherever we go wrong and always ensure that same mistake never repeats. I assure we will give the best of the services.

  15. Your "best of services" has caused that over 5% of my users has removed the app from their phone in the last 24hours. This damage will probably grow over the next few days. Together with the negative reviews. Thank you very much for NOT taking any responsibility.

    You have put a timebomb in your software against pirated ccopies. I,as a paying customer got to suffer from this. No more 5-star review avarage, complaining users, app-removal. And you're doing nothing to compensate. Great service indeed.

  16. -image-

    Thanks Guys!
    And my ratings dropped from 5 stars to 4... Is that "your best of service"?
    Please show me you take some kind of responsbility for this error.

  17. Still about 20% of my users on the old version, still giving me 1-star reviews. Dropped from 4.6/4.7 to below 4.3, thanks to this error. And a drop in the number of users.
    And it seems I am not the only one.

    Instead of just talking about your great service, you should actually do something for the people who have suffered from your error. Give them an upgrade or extension of their license. Or find something else... be creative instead of ignorant.


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