Is it mandatory to use PushAdmin for Push Notifications?

  1. 2 years ago
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    Just for knowledge

    Whether registering for PushAdmin is mandatory for push notification?

  2. admin

    30 Apr 2017 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by admin

    Dear @umesh , There are no compulsions, you can send push notifications from Firebase Panel itself. PushAdmin provides some advanced feature like Image Notifications, Redirecting your users to particular URL when notification clicked, custom icon for push notifications, etc.

    You can subscribe to PushAdmin on the following link:

  3. What about persistent notifications? For example, a notification showing up when the user plays audio or performs some other action.

  4. admin

    2 May 2017 Administrator

    @ivellios , We will be adding more customization & features to the notifications soon.


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