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  1. 7 weeks ago
    Edited 7 weeks ago by Sefardi

    Is there anyway to hide the navigation bar??? thanks... (waoo! this is the only thing holding me back from paying for this software)

  2. 6 weeks ago


    Mar 1 Administrator

    Yes, Just uncheck "Show Toolbar" and "Home Button". It will work for you.

  3. Edited 6 weeks ago by Sefardi

    I did what you suggests the very first time I ran Web2APK. It does NOT work! the Navigation bar still shows..

  4. admin

    Mar 5 Administrator

    Here you go: https://websitetoapk.com/support/submit_ticket

  5. Thanks, submitted ticket.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    no solution yet?

  7. last week
    Deleted last week by DirkLeopoldFeiler

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