Single APK Plan

  1. 2 years ago

    Good morning,
        I need some information about the plan "Single APK".

    I just need to create only single app (Google play ready,) but I probably need to make updates to this app in the future.

    With this plan I can update the app every time?

    If I had to do some tests, putting the html on the program, and downloading the apk multiple times, is it possible?

    Sorry for my bad english :-P

  2. admin

    7 May 2017 Administrator

    @Onychogomphus, One update is provided for free of cost once your app is created. You can ask us for your free update whenever you needs any changes to be made.

    If you needs to make some tests, you can use the free edition. When testing finishes, you can go for the Single APK Plan.

  3. Thx a lot :-)

  4. last year

    how do We send the files to you????

  5. admin

    9 Aug 2018 Administrator

    @FUNYI , You need to reply on the email that you receive seeking details from us.


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