WideView, OverView Mode & Enable Flash ?

  1. 2 years ago

    Kindly explain the features :

    1. Wide view - what is it mean?
    2. Overview mode
    3. Enable flash - can we use swf?
  2. admin

    17 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Dear @Jayaprakash , Here are the explanations to the terms:

    1. WideView - It makes your app have a normal viewport (such as a normal desktop browser), while when unchecked the app will have a viewport constrained to its own dimensions (so if the webpage is 50px*50px the viewport will be the same size).

    2. OverView Mode - It loads the web pages in app completely zoomed out.

    3. Enable Flash - Yes, It enables flash plugin on some older versions of Android. However, latest versions do not support this feature.

  3. So ,
    Wide view = Desktop user agent,
    over view mode is = (android user agent + zoom out) ?

  4. admin

    24 Jun 2017 Administrator

    @Jayaprakash , I suggest you give all kind of modes a try and choose one which suites you best.


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