Virus Detected in App

  1. 2 years ago

    Today Install version 3. I converted my web site into app. In pc and in phone, Avast says contain virus:

    Andriod: fakeapp.NX (PUP).

    What about this?

  2. admin

    22 Jun 2017 Administrator

    @canaveloz , Kindly reach us via Support Center

  3. Hi admin,
    I tried to access your link but does not recognize my username and password.

  4. admin

    23 Jun 2017 Administrator

    @canaveloz , You just submit the ticket without logging in, your account will be created automatically.

  5. Hi Admin,
    It happened to me same. Why you don't tell us here?

  6. admin

    2 Dec 2017 Administrator

    @GameDev , Our support can always assist you better. Keeping up discussions unnecessarily is not the way to get it resolved. We already have tried a lot to discuss and resolve, but no users understand us. Public forums are not meant for support, they are for public discussions on related topics.

  7. When are you going to update the app so its not full of viruses?

  8. admin

    4 Dec 2017 Administrator


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