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  1. 19 hours ago
    Mon Jul 6 14:11:42 2020

    This icon pattern is due to latest material design guidelines, as you can also see on many other apps. The icon fits between the circle to make it look similar to all others. But one thing that you can do to get some large icon is that you should make your edges rounded and transparent as the outer circle holds inner image with small margin. You simply need to know that if you use rounded icon it will show the biggest possible, you can try out with that.

  2. 5 days ago
    Wed Jul 1 21:35:50 2020

    It seems like your network specific issue, kindly consider checking on some other network.

  3. last week
    Tue Jun 30 09:27:00 2020
    admin posted in Push notifications setup.

    No need of Android Studio. Simply use google-services.json file in App builder, that's all. Follow the steps and nothing more.

  4. Tue Jun 30 02:27:52 2020
    admin posted in Push notifications setup.

    Yes, you should still follow the link and generate google-services.json file for integration.

    You need to integrate google-services.json file for integrating firebase services to the app. PushAdmin is a service to allow you to send notifications to the app.

  5. Sun Jun 28 08:53:31 2020
    admin posted in SSL Error window.

    It represents that an SSL error does exist on your website which can be fixed by fixing ssl certificate on your site.

  6. Sun Jun 28 08:52:19 2020

    PHP is not supported for offline apps as it is not possible to run PHP without a server.

  7. Sat Jun 27 12:09:23 2020
    admin posted in Push notifications setup.

    If you have already made the integration of google-services.json file through app builder then you can continue to use PushAdmin to send notifications without any issues.

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 22 12:10:31 2020

    @hermawan It seems that you were trying to upload files on the web and not through the app, so this issue does not relate to website2apk. Still, glad to know you found the solution for it.

  9. Mon Jun 22 02:32:04 2020

    @hermawan You need to enable file READ WRITE access to be able to use upload function properly.

  10. Sun Jun 21 13:32:23 2020

    @TFH Yet we haven't not tested it specifically for Android TVs. But we will be soon testing and posting the results, if required, we will make the related changes and make this feature available with upcoming versions.

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