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  1. 3 days ago
    Mon Mar 1 14:40:56 2021
    admin posted in use of barcode.

    You can achieve this on your web part, ask your web developer to assist you for the same.

  2. Mon Mar 1 14:39:48 2021
    admin posted in apk cannot be accessed.

    Hi, It requires debugging:

  3. Mon Mar 1 14:38:40 2021
    admin posted in Hiding navigation bar.

    Yes, Just uncheck "Show Toolbar" and "Home Button". It will work for you.

  4. Mon Mar 1 14:37:59 2021

    @LuckyRed You just check the "Deep-linking" option in extras menu and it will work.

  5. last week
    Tue Feb 23 10:54:48 2021

    @xplooosive @KIVEL SKINZ Kindly connect to support.

  6. Tue Feb 23 10:54:08 2021

    @JOHNNY inside
    There is no documentation needed. All the features are self-explanatory and no code is required to achieve them. One JS API is added which can be found on documentation page. All others does not require any details. If you have a specific query, you can ask.

  7. Tue Feb 23 00:56:10 2021

    @Ubuntu508 Can you please mention your URL in a private support ticket.

    We will look into it and surely take immediate action on this update if we find any real issue.

  8. Mon Feb 22 13:23:02 2021
    admin started the conversation Update v4.2 Pro is now available to Download..

    Announcing a new release v4.2 Pro.

    Multiple Image Upload Support
    JS API to get device API Level
    7 More color options
    Unicode character support for Nav Drawer
    Java 15 support added
    **Bug Fixes

  9. Fri Feb 19 08:42:00 2021

    It should work, as if you convert into apk, you will see the keyboard working. Did it happen with numbers only?

  10. Fri Feb 19 00:46:39 2021
    admin posted in App infected by virus.

    Kindly attach your rejection email to us in a PDF on link below.

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