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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Nov 1 07:32:09 2020

    For the moment, best option is to utilize PushAdmin APIs as per your requirements.

  2. Sun Nov 1 07:31:14 2020

    At the moment, it is only possible to have a 3 block package name, we will be extending this feature with upcoming versions.

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 19 00:52:59 2020

    @Kazzylen For any subscription or renewal related query, raise a support ticket or send an email.

  4. Sat Oct 17 13:30:11 2020

    @Kazzylen You cannot use mopub yet.

  5. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 13 11:38:46 2020

    @Adriano There is no special provision for encryption built-in with app builder. However, you can encrypt your JS CSS files for improved security. Best way is to host on a server. HTML can never be protected completely.

  6. Tue Oct 13 11:36:49 2020

    @Kazzylen We have noted the issue and check on this, we will be making possible fixes with coming versions.

  7. Mon Oct 12 13:01:34 2020

    Kindly raise a support ticket:

  8. Sat Oct 10 14:44:22 2020

    The package name is decided by you while creating the application. You need to use the same package name that you filled in while creating the app.

    E.g. By default, it is set to com.goyal.website2apk

    However, you can change it to anything within these 3 blocks.

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