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  1. yesterday
    Thu Feb 14 12:55:16 2019

    You need to use onClick event based interstitial ads and not the time bound ads. If using timer based ads, better you use more than 60 seconds interval.

  2. Thu Feb 14 12:54:03 2019
    admin posted in Download manager issue.

    Seems like you need to test on different kind of devices. Maybe some particular device it is not working.

  3. 3 days ago
    Tue Feb 12 13:00:11 2019
    admin posted in Download manager issue.

    @Ubuntu508 , You need to enable READ & WRITE STORAGE permissions to get app to download files within the app.

  4. last week
    Tue Feb 5 09:56:07 2019

    @Ubuntu508 , Better if you can put some more details regarding this. Have you tried to debug the app?

    We will surely work to resolve the issue if possible. However, as you mentioned the versions below 5.1, there are very less number of devices in that criteria so it is most likely not to affect most of your users.

  5. Tue Feb 5 06:08:24 2019
    admin started the conversation Update v3.3.1 Pro is now available to Download..

    Announcing a new release v3.3.1 Pro.

    Changelog (Added Features) in v3.3.1 Pro
    Option to remove JavaScript APIs (In response to JavaScript Interface Injection Vulnerability)
    Desktop Mode
    HTTPs Only Mode (In response to JavaScript Interface Injection Vulnerability & Better Security)
    Debug Mode can now display SSL related errors on your screen)
    **Minor Bug Fixes

  6. Tue Feb 5 06:02:17 2019

    An update is out with option to remove JavaScript APIs.


    1. If your website is running on SSL, you can safely use JS APIs without any issues.
    2. If your website runs on HTTPS, you can also use HTTPS Only mode for further security enhancement.
    3. If you run on HTTP and Google Play sent a warning, you can remove JS APIs to get the issue resolved.
  7. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 30 09:44:00 2019

    @apps123 , We always keep up to date with latest Google Play policies and same applies to this also. You need not to worry at all, we will keep you updated.

    Update: No extra steps required for us, we have checked and all apps created using our software are already 64 bit compatible. :) :)

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 14 00:24:18 2019

    @lilloscar , We do not expertise in Google Sheet Script and for the same reason, we might be unable to help you with the exact script code, but you can send notifications by making an Post request or some kind of Ajax call (If possible in sheet script) to our PushAdmin APIs.

  9. Mon Jan 14 00:19:29 2019

    @Willy , It is not possible. Better you get it touch with our support to get related help:

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Sat Dec 29 00:15:50 2018

    @amosb , Thank you for the appreciation, we always want to make it much more better.

    We hope to add most of the things in the next update from what you have above listed.

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