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    Wed Jun 19 11:41:52 2019

    You can so the same by editing your WordPress theme using theme editor. You won't be able to do that in case you have no access. In future releases, we might implement a swipe-to-refresh feature.

  2. 2 days ago
    Tue Jun 18 14:09:02 2019
    admin posted in Suggestions for Update v3.4.

    @LuisGarcia , Yes, as always, we will keep the software up-to-date with latest Google Play guidelines.

  3. Tue Jun 18 14:01:47 2019
    admin posted in App showing : Fatal error.

    That is simply because you have used some unauthorized (pirated) copy of our software to create this app. You need to purchase the genuine premium version of our software to avoid this error in future.

  4. Tue Jun 18 13:33:38 2019
    admin posted in App showing : Fatal error.

    Can you please also share your Google Play URL?

  5. Tue Jun 18 07:05:17 2019
    admin posted in Window.close() not working.

    Seems like you need to debug your app to get to know the exact error on console:

  6. Tue Jun 18 00:45:24 2019
    admin posted in Window.close() not working.

    You might want to take a look at exitApp() function on the following page:

  7. 4 days ago
    Sun Jun 16 12:16:02 2019

    Default Cache : It uses normal caching as usually it occurs in browsers following rules from your caching headers as responded from your web server.

    Highly Cached : It caches everything when you load the website for the first time, avoiding if server responds with any kind of caching headers.

  8. Sun Jun 16 12:12:53 2019

    @Roteemy , I think you don't understand what it technically means by caching. Caching does not mean that app will store your web content locally.

  9. 5 days ago
    Sat Jun 15 13:11:10 2019
    admin started the conversation Suggestions for Update v3.4.

    We are working on an update, your suggestions will make it much more better.

    Currently, we would like to take below discussions into consideration as previously suggested by users:

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    Thu Jun 13 07:44:10 2019

    You can scroll down the notification by finger gesture to expand the full contents of the notification.

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