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  1. 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 12 16:19:47 2017

    Maybe, if many peoples report your app as virus.
    I'm just give up, too many providers detect for virus and malicious. don't get me wrong, i like website2apk because it's simplicity, but i can rely on this for our customer and government project.
    maybe it's still usefull for personal or internal project.

  2. Wed Aug 23 06:07:43 2017

    i have avg in my phone and it does not report aboout virus/malware. The report is from client who have samsung smartphone and not installed any antivirus.

  3. Wed Aug 23 03:38:17 2017

    Any news about this issue?

  4. Sun Jul 30 11:14:08 2017

    Yes, some of my clients also report this issue. Already contact the support, they said that this noted as an issue and they will release update for the software.
    I hope they do this quick, because it's the matter of users trust. Nobody want to install app that has virus/malware except for user who desparately need the app.. lol :)
    phone reported is belong to chief of public work service, and one of my user is mayor of the city, and this is a big problem for us. :(

  5. Sun Jul 30 10:51:11 2017
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