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  1. 2 years ago
    Fri Dec 14 07:22:44 2018
    O olipiskandar started the conversation cant multi select to upload on dropzone.

    hello.. ihave problem to upload multiple file (multi select file) using dropzone.. always single file to upload.
    if i execute on web browser, upload dropzone with multi select file its work..

  2. Wed Dec 12 00:23:07 2018
    O olipiskandar posted in Download Images in App.

    ihave create function to download file from my aws s3.
    running normally when accessed via a web browser. but when I change it to APK, the download function doesn't work

  3. 4 years ago
    Mon Sep 4 07:16:17 2017
    O olipiskandar posted in Support for Deep-Linking ?.

    ok @admin thanks..

  4. Mon Aug 14 23:51:38 2017
    O olipiskandar started the conversation Support for Deep-Linking ?.

    Whether this application supports for deeplinking ?

  5. Mon Aug 14 23:49:48 2017
    O olipiskandar joined the forum.