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    Sat Aug 19 02:38:46 2017

    Thanks you.
    Ticket has been sent.

  2. Sat Aug 19 01:55:14 2017

    The SSL is still valid until 2018 :)

  3. Sat Aug 19 01:50:09 2017

    this is example SSL Url https://xxxxxx.

    If the New OS of android, eg Lolipop its okay.

  4. Sat Aug 19 00:50:43 2017
    T Thondi started the conversation SSL Security Warning on KitKat or Older Versions.

    In Normal Condition, if the visitor visiting the website using https (SSL) then it will display a security warning, so it should click Continue to open website.

    But if we make apk from website2apk app, then apk only show blank page.
    Security Warning --> -image-

    Blank Page, because of can't clik the Continue Button --> -image-

    This happens to visitors who use a Kitkat older Android OS.

    Visitors can update android web view in playstore.
    However, currently android web view only supports os Lolipop version or later.

    How to solve this problem?

    1. Security warning for SSL Website (Kitkat and older os)
    2. Field Upload file also not working with older os :)

    Thanks you for your support.

  5. Sat Aug 19 00:20:49 2017
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