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    Tue Nov 27 08:41:56 2018

    I couldn't check it on other devices unfortunately. Maybe the issue occurs on devices with Intel Atom CPUs? I tried changing power saving setings, but no success, the distortion keeps appearing every time I switch to home screen or other app.

  2. Sun Nov 25 10:55:31 2018

    If you do that, I hope your app won't be as expensive as the tools made by some of your competitors.

  3. Fri Nov 23 09:05:33 2018
    I ivellios started the conversation Distorted audio when minimizing the app.

    I'm making an application that, apart from other types of content (text, images, etc.), includes an audio player, as well. The player, of course, uses HTML5 and jQuery. It plays Shoutcast and Icecast streams. When my app is visible on the screen, the audio plays fine, however, when I minimize the app or switch to some other application, the audio becomes very distorted and it's very hard to listen without smashing the smartphone on the wall :P Is there any way to fix this issue? Or this is just the way WebViews work?

  4. 3 years ago
    Mon May 1 14:19:07 2017

    What about persistent notifications? For example, a notification showing up when the user plays audio or performs some other action.

  5. Mon May 1 13:32:11 2017

    Most probably he means downloading files such as mp3s' etc. and saving them into device's storage.

  6. Mon May 1 13:30:41 2017
    I ivellios posted in Do iframes work?.

    There's an issue with iframes. If the iframe refers to a local document (i. e. iframe src="example.html") then the user will be redirected to that document and your menu will not be shown.

  7. 4 years ago
    Mon Jan 2 08:53:39 2017
    I ivellios posted in Update v2.3 Available.

    There is still some issue with iframes.

    When you put an iframe referring to external website such as:

    iframe src="http://www.website.com/something.html"...

    everything works fine and the 'iframed' document appears exactly where it should. However, when you put an iframe referring to some local document, suh as:

    iframe src="something.html"...
    iframe src="./something.html"...
    iframe src="folder/folder/folder/something.html"...

    the app still redirects user to that 'something.html' instead of just showing the document in iframe.

  8. Wed Nov 16 11:52:04 2016
    I ivellios posted in Fixes for Update v2.3.

    Features I would really really welcome are:

    • saving files (i. e. mp3s) on sdcard
    • some 'stay in notification area' feature - I mean, putting a persistent icon in the notification area so that user may return to the application whenever they want. Icon would be removed when user exits the app
    • full support for javascript - in my app I've tried to open a chat on external website, however, though the website loaded correctly, for some reason the chat alone didn't work at all
  9. Wed Nov 16 11:40:40 2016
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