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    Fri Jun 21 01:44:29 2019
    C Crypt posted in Suggestions for Update v3.4.

    Built-in sliding menu like native android apps

  2. 8 months ago
    Tue Dec 4 00:04:18 2018
    C Crypt posted in Suggestions for Update v3.3.

    I want to release a paid apps in play store but i don't want people downloads the apps and clone as apk file and share it to others. How to prevent an apps from being copied?

  3. Sat Dec 1 05:23:48 2018
    C Crypt posted in Suggestions for Update v3.3.

    In-App Purchases for remove ads

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    Mon Mar 5 09:18:20 2018
    C Crypt started the conversation Can't use custom keystore after reinstall windows OS.

    Please help me, I gets an issue on my laptop that need to re installing a windows OS. After that, I install a website 2 apk builder but I gets a problems while trying to use a custom keystore "keystore is tempered with..." I'm sure I'm correctly type password, alias name and alias password, and my keystore located in E:\keystore.jks

    I have also trying to generate a new keystore but I got same problems.


  5. Sun Mar 4 21:20:34 2018

    How to install Java jdk

  6. Wed Feb 14 04:23:39 2018

    Please help, i can't create a keystore, i got notification in cmd "keytool is not recommended as and internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

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