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    Sun Nov 12 10:36:26 2017
    S SuBc posted in HTML5 GeoLocation not work.

    Thank you

  2. Sun Nov 12 10:20:53 2017
    S SuBc posted in HTML5 GeoLocation not work.

    Hi, could I make website2apk activate the GPS when the apk application starts?

  3. Wed Jun 7 07:10:52 2017
    S SuBc posted in Protect HTML content.

    I also made the request for Website2apk to encrypt the code of web pages.

    I have tried to encrypt web pages with another program, but, putting the encrypted web pages on website2apk does not work.

    I always talk about local web pages.

  4. 4 years ago
    Mon May 1 13:41:35 2017
    S SuBc posted in Do iframes work?.

    The truth is that I do not know what they have corrected, are things that have been reported, asked many times to solve this problem, and seems to still continue, I wonder if it serves anything to report the problems we are going Finding, this problem is not new, I think they have no idea how to fix it because if not, I would already have fixed this problem in this version.

    I have sent applications to check the problem with iframe, but it seems that neither have looked, sorry to say but is yet another disappointment.

  5. Mon May 1 01:51:37 2017
    S SuBc posted in A disappointment..

    Ok, email sent with test application.

  6. Mon May 1 00:54:26 2017
    S SuBc posted in A disappointment..

    Hello @admin

    Sorry for the translation, I use Google to translate.

    If I have done a test with a small local web page, and I have verified that the code of the web pages that the compiled application has can be viewed and copied without any problem, what else do I have to check? , Or can it be hidden in some way ?, because I do not see that option anywhere, the application can be hacked, it is not safe.

    One more disappointment that I have taken with the new update ver.3.0, has been when creating the application with local web pages with links to pdf documents, these documents can not be read from the links that have the pages incorporated, this has been a Of the things that people have asked for, and neither is it. Or can it be done in any way?

  7. Sun Apr 30 15:09:48 2017
    S SuBc started the conversation A disappointment..

    I was going to respond in the post they have closed, to tell you that I understand all the hard work they are doing, and I will not tire of thanking you for all that work you do to have a good application.

    I just hope, do not have to wait so long between update and update, and get it to see.3.0 Build 1 when they add a new option or fix a problem.

    I was also disappointed by the option to encrypt / hide the code of web pages, which at the time saw this option very interesting, but I see that they have been left out; When you create an application from local web pages, once compiled you can see the web page code, so the time spent and the work done can be copied.

    Thank you very much for this great application.

  8. Sun Apr 30 13:38:43 2017

    Thanks for the update, I have not come to use it, but as soon as I open the application, I have already taken the first disappointment, you tell me that it will be available for other languages, among them Spanish, and it is not.

  9. Sat Apr 22 13:51:05 2017

    Thanks, I thought you could only use version 7 of JAVA, I will uninstall version 7 and use the latest version.

  10. Sat Apr 22 08:31:58 2017

    Hello, I do not know if this correction will arrive in time.

    When the configuration is saved, the path of the error page is not saved, the Icon is not saved, and the Welcome screen is not saved in the configuration file.

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