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  1. 9 months ago
    Tue Jan 5 22:40:32 2021
    L lilloscar posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.


    This feature is taking years, please consider finish this WordPress PlugIn (I know it doesn't have to do with the program, but yes with better push notifications).

    Or at least please kindly give to us some kind better tutorial on how to use the PushAdmin API Access and the PHP code, I have been trying to achieve this in our cPanel but really need a hand with this.

  2. last year
    Sat Jun 27 14:24:19 2020
    L lilloscar started the conversation SSL Error window.


    Hello every one, please any help to remove this message? After I update Website2apk this error appear.

  3. Fri Apr 17 14:06:00 2020
    L lilloscar started the conversation Full screen view on Notch Display.

    Is possible to activate the full view on the notification area? In my device this Notch screen area is only dark.

  4. Wed Mar 25 11:26:52 2020
    L lilloscar posted in Extras Option Hide WebView UA.

    @admin Here you go: https://websitetoapk.com/forums/384-extras-option-hide-webview-ua/

    but, that is a link to this post, for what is this option? -----> Hide WebView UA

  5. Wed Mar 25 00:05:10 2020
    L lilloscar posted in Extras Option Hide WebView UA.

    any answers?
    Admin? please

  6. Tue Mar 24 13:58:56 2020

    I mean, instead of redirect to a given http: address, redirect to local file HTML.


  7. Mon Mar 23 12:38:52 2020
    L lilloscar started the conversation How to use PushAdmin API Access? Please Tips.

    Hello Admin, programmers, I think this tutorial is a good start, I've been googleing on how to use PHP cURL, it's OK to us to make efforts and to try to figure out on how to use it.

    But to make things faster to some of us, some times we need some tips from someone that already knows, (not saying to solve our problems so easier), for example, what program you recommend to use, what account, what connections.

    In this case just on how can execute this code:

  8. Sun Mar 22 14:48:17 2020
    L lilloscar posted in JavaScript APIs for v2.3.

    @admin Here are JavaScript Functions which enables you to use the core functionalities of the app within your HTML code to make it look more like a native app and perform better.

    <button onclick="Website2APK.showToast('Test Toast');">Try showToast</button> <br><br> <br><br>‚Äč

    Thanks to Google I found this post, I was using only the <script> option, this make easier my work, I really appreciate this kind of samples, because I am not a programmer.

  9. Thu Mar 19 20:29:38 2020
    L lilloscar posted in Suggestions for Update v4.0.

    @madphoenix1311 Suggestions -
    4.Push Notifications from 3rd party websites..

    I vote for options like this, for the use inside in the company, we need to send automatically some results and data.
    I've been looking so badly for a third party software to send automatically notifications to the app, I almost reach it with Integromat, using Google Sheets and Firebase connections, but I didn't succeed...

    Please a new kind to send push notifications.

  10. 2 years ago
    Sun Jan 13 15:31:09 2019
    L lilloscar started the conversation How can I send notifications from a Google Sheet Script?.

    I use some WebsiteToAPK apps to create surveys to employees, I want to know if is there any way to send a personalized notification via firebase to the app, just to communicate instantly the new entry.


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