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    Sat Apr 27 13:59:02 2019
    JOHNNY inside posted in External link not function.

    It's funny though, I have just compiled my app (CUtubers) using W2Apk builder Pro version 3.3.3. The external links are working on a Samsung Galaxy s9+ with Android 9, but not working on a Blu Advance 4.0 L2 with Android 6.

    This is the code to dynamically generate my links (maybe it shows some problem):

    SetVar "[linkVar]" "[DataList.Record.TheAddress]?parameter=1" "String"

    It basically creates a var and assigns to it the concatenation of a var and a text.
    Then, it uses the API to launch that URL. In fact, I use a YouTube link and YouTube (the app) opens when the link is launched.

    Is it me or there's a problem causing this funny behaviour? This is the most important feature of my app and most of my target uses cheap phones. It sets my app close to useless. Any help wanted ASAP.

  2. 8 months ago
    Thu Sep 27 13:36:17 2018

    This is my first time using this software to compile HTML into APK, thus, I'm still wondering what is the meaning of each option at the UI of the Website2APK software. For example, I'm discovering that the button: Customize App Permissions is there just in case you need to point out that you will be using such permissions (BTW, these are not saved with your project), but... how to use them from your code? That is still unknown for me. The same happens with the Extras option to the right *(v3.2). Some are intuitive, but some are completely weird on their use, like the Allow File Access or Long Clickable. Am I the only newbie here? The same happens with the Splash Screen. How can I control the position of it on the screen. It resizes while vertical, but aligns to right on a tablet, adding a dark gray background color that I'm not interested to use in my app. Help, please. Because helping us, will help you grow even higher! Thank you in advance!

  3. Wed Sep 26 15:27:28 2018
    JOHNNY inside posted in Keystore Path Bug.

    Yes, you are right! It was the missing JDK. Mine was version 7. Thank you! Great support!

  4. 9 months ago
    Tue Sep 4 12:51:37 2018
    JOHNNY inside posted in Keystore Path Bug.

    I tried moving the file to D: but still keep having the same error. I am using version 3.2

  5. Tue Sep 4 09:15:01 2018

    This is my first app with your builder and at the Play Store. So, I'm officially breaking the ice on both. I want to sign the app with my own ID, but how can I do that? Any step-by-step guide?

    What is the meaning of signing the app? Would apps created with this software will show that they are yours? Ha, ha... I can see people laughing now. Yes, I'm new and we all were sometime.

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