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  1. 2 months ago
    Mon Feb 1 09:01:18 2021
    J joso posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.

    When media is playing on the app, let it play in the background like spotify or google chrome. I use a HTML5 audio player and i need this feature. Today, the audio stops playing after a few minutes, after the screen is turned off. It is necessary for the app to identify the media stream and inform Android as a notification. I strongly urge this implementation.

  2. 6 months ago
    Mon Oct 5 20:33:14 2020

    Sometimes website2apk seems to have stopped in time... I am also an old customer and made important requests. So far, nothing. Not even an Admin position.

  3. 8 months ago
    Mon Aug 10 13:21:20 2020

    Up... I´m really needing this feature...

  4. 10 months ago
    Mon Jun 8 20:13:09 2020
    J joso posted in Audio Not Working.

    What kind of audio player are you using? HTML5?

  5. Mon Jun 8 20:11:03 2020

    That's exactly what I need. The program is almost perfect, but this function, nowadays, with the new Android updates, is undoubtedly essential... Please, streamline this implementation!

  6. Mon Jun 1 20:07:12 2020

    This feature is essential for me too...

  7. Thu May 28 10:05:34 2020
    J joso posted in work on the background.



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    Sun Mar 29 18:29:59 2020
    J joso started the conversation HTML5 audio player stop after few minutes.

    Hi friends,

    I'm have app compiled with the 3.3 Pro version. This app have a html5 https audio streaming player. But this player auto-stops after few minutes, in some devices. Then, the user needs to click "play" for the audio restart. This issue has been solved in 3.4 version?

  9. Mon May 20 19:46:35 2019

    Hi friends,

    Version 3.3.1 is not saving progress wheel and customized app permissions in the project file. It´s a old bug that persists.
    Please, fix them in the next version.


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    Mon Jan 7 19:04:53 2019
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