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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Jun 21 07:05:41 2020
    U Ubuntu508 started the conversation Smart Rating system in App.

    It would be better if you can add "option" for Anabling rating especially when users wants to exit app.
    Should be prompted for rating app and

    • * If user choose 3 stars and below, then contact Developer (feedback)
    • * If user choose 4 stars and above, then redirect to playstore rating.


  2. Sun Jun 21 06:52:54 2020

    For offline website - Android app by website 2 apk

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Fri May 22 06:52:44 2020

    ** Fix this**
    1. "Text selection" option not enabled but app still selects texts.

    2. Banner Ad covers app contents.

    previous version was ok with these.

  4. 2 months ago
    Wed May 6 05:22:26 2020

    new version can't open after install, it shows error https://prnt.sc/sbtp86

    i was also expecting facebook Ads network.

  5. last year
    Sun Mar 24 03:27:11 2019
    U Ubuntu508 posted in Download manager issue.

    Thanks, it's working with some devices

  6. Thu Feb 14 02:51:28 2019
    U Ubuntu508 posted in Download manager issue.

    Thanks for your reply, but still there is no change it still open default browser

  7. Thu Feb 14 02:08:36 2019
    U Ubuntu508 started the conversation Violation of inappropriate Ads Policy.

    I am used of selecting the check box of anable non personalized ads but yesterday Google rejected my update until when I resubmitted another update with this option unchecked.
    What could be the secret behind this option?

  8. Tue Feb 12 02:25:22 2019
    U Ubuntu508 started the conversation Download manager issue.

    Hi everyone here I have been reading through JavaScript APIs link from this site,
    But I don't know whether a script code to download files within app(download manager) to be added by me or it should be within the software. When I click a download link in my app it opens default browser.
    Any help please??

  9. Tue Feb 5 09:45:22 2019
    U Ubuntu508 started the conversation Offline Mode App Audio Player Error.

    Hello everyone here, I have several music apps that offers download and offline player (local web files), however when it comes to Android versions below 5.1, the offline audio player fails to work.
    Is there any way I can be helped in the future Updates?

  10. Tue Feb 5 09:20:46 2019
    U Ubuntu508 joined the forum.