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    Sun Mar 10 05:08:00 2019
    F felipereira97 started the conversation Collection was modified, enumerate operation may not execute.

    I'm trying to generate an APK with Website 2 APK Builder v3.3 (it's a RPG Maker MV game). But whenever I try to generate (compile) my project's apk, this error shows up:
    "Error Occured: collection was modified, enumerate operation may not execute"
    (yes, with "occured")
    The app closes immediately after I click OK.
    The only topic about this on this forum says it's about either files being 'uncopyable' or the output folder not existing, and I've checked both many times.
    I've reinstalled Website 2 APK Builder 3.3 and tested it with a blank project, it's working. It's my specific project that won't work.
    I can send further information if needed.
    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    Errors that appear:

    Instructions I've followed:

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