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    Sun Mar 10 11:49:02 2019
    S soyercold started the conversation Check Error Log when compiling APK?.

    Is there someway to check the log when you try compile your APK?
    if don't this feature can help a lot.

  2. Sun Mar 10 08:43:53 2019
    S soyercold started the conversation FullScreen Mode issue when taking a Screenshot.

    Fullscreen mode not working 100%. it keep showing the lateral buttons, and when i try to take a screenshot the topbar stay there forever.

    Exist something i could do for fix it?


  3. Sun Mar 10 08:20:18 2019

    Same problem here.
    But my temporary solution is testing folder by folder where the error file is. and work for me.
    its probably a error from Common Events of rpgmaker MV had a issue with the filename.
    i exclude the file error and the game compiles normaly.

  4. Sun Mar 10 08:15:44 2019
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