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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 2 01:17:34 2017
    V vuger posted in Google Play App Signing .

    now i have deployment_cert.der downloaded from google play and do not know what is this and what i should to do!

  2. Sat Sep 2 01:16:32 2017
    V vuger started the conversation Google Play App Signing .

    Hi! I do not understand how to use web2apk with Google Play App Signing. Our apk not worked with google play since i accepted new Google Play App Signing in my play profile!

  3. 3 years ago
    Sun Apr 30 23:46:11 2017
    V vuger posted in Pre-Installed Icon Packs?.

    glyphicons like/ or any simple icons pack for app icon

  4. Sun Apr 30 23:43:30 2017
    V vuger posted in MIDI Support.

    that will be great if you can do this! Thank you! I know this is old format but it wide used by professional musicians, over music file formats works great!

  5. Sun Apr 30 23:33:33 2017
    V vuger started the conversation Pre-Installed Icon Packs?.

    Hi! what about preinstalled icon packs? i think it will be good for easy start

  6. Sun Apr 30 23:31:33 2017

    thank you!

  7. Sun Apr 30 22:35:14 2017

    what the difference with web2apk?

  8. Sun Apr 30 22:25:50 2017
    V vuger started the conversation MIDI Support.

    Hi! When i play midi file in my google disc its all right, but if i make a apk from google disc and play midi format file it says @your brouser not support file [email protected] plz help))

  9. Sun Apr 30 22:22:58 2017
    V vuger posted in A disappointment..

    i can help with Russian translation

  10. Sat Jan 21 13:43:30 2017

    a little bit!

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