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  1. 10 months ago
    Mon May 27 14:07:21 2019

    Followed the above link; App was automatically added as well as linked to Firebase.

    Still Not working. But Ad is showing as active

  2. Tue May 21 17:12:57 2019

    App is already uploaded into Playstore
    How to check AdMob already connected with playstore ?

  3. Fri May 17 18:31:25 2019
    S [email protected] started the conversation AdMob ad is not loading.

    My banner ad is not loading on samsung s10 android pie. i do not about other device. there is no much impressions..
    How to troubleshoot?

  4. Tue May 7 04:37:50 2019

    could you add as feature in the upcoming release would be appreciated

  5. Tue May 7 01:32:20 2019

    if a user get email. how to open an app from email message

  6. Tue May 7 01:27:24 2019
    S [email protected] joined the forum.