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  1. 4 months ago
    Thu Aug 8 08:24:33 2019
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'.

    I would like to do but it comes only spontaneously without reason.
    It is always the same offline html project.
    I am now at Version10.
    Only texts within the html were changed.
    When I deinstall 3.4 and also the data in AppData
      (Goyal_Softech_Pvt._Ltd) delete it works again.
    I also have Android Studio and Visual Studio on my computer.

  2. Wed Aug 7 00:01:58 2019
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'.


  3. Mon Aug 5 08:52:07 2019
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'.

    Have it reinstalled and in the moment the error is gone

  4. Wed Jul 31 07:50:29 2019

    click_action ?

    title Optional, string
    The title of the notification.

    body Optional, string
    The message text.

    icon Optional, string
    The URL to use for the notification icon.

    click_action Optional, String
    The action associated with a user clicks the notification.

    All URL values require HTTPS.

  5. Tue Jul 30 13:47:13 2019

    I do not use AdMob!

  6. Tue Jul 30 13:22:21 2019

    I took 3.4.
    3.3 uninstalled, 3.4 reinstalled
    Push with Firebase OK
    Push with PushAdmin fail !

  7. Tue Jul 30 13:07:28 2019

    Still not like sending over firebase.
    Several lines are NOT displayed

  8. Tue Jul 16 00:57:42 2019


    It only works well with Firebase
    Whether Android 4.x or up to 8. x
    No scrolling of the notification possible with pushadmin

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    Wed May 8 23:17:16 2019
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