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  1. 4 days ago
    Mon Jan 20 08:08:33 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in at least 3 virus warnings !!!.

    When will there be an update?

  2. last week
    Sat Jan 11 14:05:18 2020
    Comdag.Andreas started the conversation at least 3 virus warnings !!!.


    This has to be done urgently!
    The app cannot be sent by email (virus warning)
    No download possible via google drive (virus warning)
    Ticket has already been opened.

    I can not continue to work with it.

    Version 3.4

  3. 5 months ago
    Thu Aug 8 08:24:33 2019
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'.

    I would like to do but it comes only spontaneously without reason.
    It is always the same offline html project.
    I am now at Version10.
    Only texts within the html were changed.
    When I deinstall 3.4 and also the data in AppData
      (Goyal_Softech_Pvt._Ltd) delete it works again.
    I also have Android Studio and Visual Studio on my computer.

  4. Wed Aug 7 00:01:58 2019
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'.


  5. Mon Aug 5 08:52:07 2019
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'.

    Have it reinstalled and in the moment the error is gone

  6. Wed Jul 31 07:50:29 2019

    click_action ?

    title Optional, string
    The title of the notification.

    body Optional, string
    The message text.

    icon Optional, string
    The URL to use for the notification icon.

    click_action Optional, String
    The action associated with a user clicks the notification.

    All URL values require HTTPS.

  7. Tue Jul 30 13:47:13 2019

    I do not use AdMob!

  8. Tue Jul 30 13:22:21 2019

    I took 3.4.
    3.3 uninstalled, 3.4 reinstalled
    Push with Firebase OK
    Push with PushAdmin fail !

  9. Tue Jul 30 13:07:28 2019

    Still not like sending over firebase.
    Several lines are NOT displayed

  10. 6 months ago
    Tue Jul 16 00:57:42 2019


    It only works well with Firebase
    Whether Android 4.x or up to 8. x
    No scrolling of the notification possible with pushadmin

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