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  1. 6 days ago
    Tue Jun 30 13:22:04 2020
    Comdag.Andreas started the conversation Push with OneSignal.

    It would be great if you could integrate the push option via OneSignal
    Works with Firebase

  2. Tue Jun 30 13:17:15 2020

    Für eine App kann man ja mal die App nachträglich mit einfachen Möglichkeiten signieren und in den Store für einen Test laden.

    Ich gebe aber keine Tipps !

    Ein Kauf der Vollversion ist aber immer von Vorteil !!!

  3. Tue Jun 30 13:12:21 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Apps that was designed using website2apk.

    All games available as an app
    Publishing in the store takes forever because of Covid19

  4. Tue Jun 30 13:08:29 2020

    Veröffentlichen sie bitte immer die Versionsnummer !

    Download v4.0 (neueste Version) ?? steht auf der Seite

    Download v4.1 (neueste Version) sollte dort stehen

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 1 14:46:04 2020

    Die obere Leiste ( wo man die URL sehen könnte ) wird bei Fullscreen immer noch angezeigt !
    Wann wird das wieder rückgängig gemacht

  6. 8 weeks ago
    Fri May 8 05:34:33 2020

    where can you buy the still Android 4 devices or who still uses such old devices?
    Modern websites or Html5 games do not run on these devices or only with errors.
    Added to this is the inadequate configuration with CPU, GPU and RAM in these old devices.
    With version 3.4, I was able to set the min SDK to 21 afterwards so that the app can only be installed on devices where I am sure that the game or the website also works.
    I will probably do a downgrade so that I can set the API LEVEL to higher than 14.
    Translated with Google

  7. Thu May 7 15:43:30 2020

    Saving the * .webapp in the Lan no longer works, crash and * .webapp is gone.
    Something also doesn't seem to be right with the Min SDK version.
    A check with the APK editor shows min SDK 1.5 although 14 is entered in the androidmanifest.xml as min SDK.

    SSK 14 is much too old, why didn't you set that to 19 right away?

    Devices with Android 4 are far too old to display modern HTML pages or games
    With v.3.4 everything works as usual

  8. 2 months ago
    Wed May 6 05:56:01 2020

    V4 material does not work
    No keys are accepted.
    Error message:
    Key alias or password incorrect
    Apps cannot be created.
    Something is supposed to be wrong
    Called support website and did everything there is.
    V4 doesn't work at all
    Reinstallation didn't work either.
    Old V3.4 reinstalled and everything works again

  9. 3 months ago
    Mon Mar 16 15:41:17 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v4.0.
    not work with chrome !

  10. Sat Mar 14 12:32:14 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Licence requirements.

    I would like to access the users contact list if possible. !!!

    I would never install such an app!
    What do you want with the contacts?

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