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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 16 15:41:17 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v3.5.
    not work with chrome !

  2. Sat Mar 14 12:32:14 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Licence requirements.

    I would like to access the users contact list if possible. !!!

    I would never install such an app!
    What do you want with the contacts?

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 5 10:08:23 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v3.5.

    increase minimum sdk 14 to minimum sdk 19

    Android 4.0 is 9 years old !!!

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 27 04:58:10 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v3.5.


    Cyren ---- AndroidOS / Trojan.UDGQ-4 !!!!!!!

    With every APP we have to write to the virus manufacturers if we can find a contact address at all.

  5. Thu Feb 27 04:48:45 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in How to get Firebase Instance Id.


  6. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 7 09:27:13 2020
    Comdag.Andreas started the conversation Support api whatsapp facebok and more in Websites.

    Support for whatsapp and facebook api in websites would be very desirable.

  7. Fri Feb 7 09:22:29 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Could not find file 'OpenFileDialog4'.

    Not only that.
    If you work with several projects in different directories, the settings are loaded but no key and push, icon and splash screen are displayed but the error occurs again when creating. Open file dialog.
    You have to re-read all data for each project.
    That is a BUG

  8. Tue Feb 4 14:02:53 2020
    Comdag.Andreas started the conversation no cache without function?.

    "nocache" without function?
    A website is updated daily with dynamic content.
    However, the app always shows the content from the previous day.
    The entry in the search mask is also filled with the old content when the app is restarted.

    The cache should appear when you close the app
    be emptied if "nocache" is set.

  9. 2 months ago
    Sun Feb 2 10:56:46 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in How to get Firebase Instance Id.

    Thank you but I already know that but you firmly refuse to tell us users what we should do with it.

    There are also users who cannot program!

    What is the entry: Website2APK?
    does that have to replace with my app name?

    Where should it be installed?

    In Builder I have no options and somehow something is missing from all the script calls ???

    Are these just links for buttons or something similar?
    That doesn't work.

    Please explain in more detail in the doc, so there is no need for constant inquiries.
    What is the call or how?

  10. Sun Feb 2 10:15:19 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in There's a trojan in my apk?.

    I also have the same problem
    there is no use in communicating this to Cyren and Trustlook an other.

    You would have to store the APK on your own homepage and give the AV companies a download link.

    A publication with google drive does not work, mailing does not work ... everywhere virus alarm!

    With luck, your APK will be scanned by the AV manufacturers and removed from the list.

    With the next APK you have the same problem again !!!

    I have already massively denounced this and there should be an update.

    Now it is really time for an update !!!

    Publication in the store works but you cannot release or send the app for a private download

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