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    Mon Jun 17 09:36:04 2019

    HTML app and use localstorage js, get the content via json. This work

  2. Sun Jun 2 03:54:53 2019
    Indonesia started the conversation JavaScript APIs : get Package Name.

    Hello sir, i read on and i have point :

    • Get App Version Name
    • Get App Version Code
    • Get Unique Device ID

    But how to get Package Name? i will create verification is true my html (js) is used on my Package Name.

    And please add feature to disable (hide) Banner Ads via JS API.

    or, can we change Ad Unit via JS APi. if we can change adunit via APi, i can store Ad Unit on cloud database and show ad if needed.


  3. Sun May 19 16:18:23 2019
    Indonesia posted in AdMob ad is not loading.

    Has your application been uploaded to PlayStore?

    and at AdMob already connected with the PlayStore?

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